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Mind-blowing Facts!

Radio took 38years to reach 50million Users

Television took 13years to reach 50million users

The internet took 4 years to reach 50million users

Facebook Alone - 200million users in less than 12months!

Nigeria is ranked 3rd in online mobile shopping worldwide followed by China

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Here's What Previous Participants Are Saying...

I love the fact that I was exposed to so many secrets and nitty gritty of the digital marketing sphere. The facilitator was well knowledgeable and the contents were well organized & easy to follow. With what I have learnt, I can now get the exact kind of traffic I need to grow my business.
Oluwakemi AbimbolaEntrepreneur & Business Owner
The training was interactive, very informative & educating. Overall, I everything was excellent & all the materials distributed were really helpful. After the training, I can still refer back to the resources in the CD pack we were given & apply the knowledge to my business
Engr. Jide OluwafemiSwimming Pool Construction - Nigeria
The topics covered were relevant to me and useful in my business & the facilitator was able to understand the individual needs of every participants & provide further guidance accordingly. The contents were great objectives were met. No Regrets!
Oluwatoyin SanusiAgeless Physiotherapy Clinic

Ok, So, What EXACTLY Is This Training Going To Be About & What Are Some Of The Modules To Be Covered?

Getting Started & Getting You Prepared
Just when you think you probably know it all, trust me there are so much you are really yet to be exposed to. This part is where we cover an introduction to the course & the social media space, why almost everything you hear about social media is wrong, social media intelligence & some of the right statistics you need to know before making certain key decisions online & also the updated full kit for starters.
Branding, Creating Your Voice, Standing Out & Developing Contents That Turns Fans To Buyers
Understanding your target clients & customers online is one thing, preparing your business to be discover-able is another thing & then earning their trust, knowing the right content & way to communicate & interact with them is another thing else completely. Here we cover all you need to know about presenting your business as a brand, finding your own voice & standing out of the competition across different social media channels. People will buy from you if they trust you!
Everything You Need To Become A Highly Paid Consultant, Manager & Social Media Marketer
After this workshop, you do not only get a diploma certification, you will also be getting everything you need to become a highly-paid consultant or social media manager including the right tools, documentation and skills that other companies will be willing to pay for. At the end of this intensive training on social media, participants are expected to be fully covered on all aspects of social media & should be prepared to increase their revenue and online sales!

Hold On! That's Not All, There's More... So Much More!!

Here's Another Harsh Reality - Likes Don't Pay The Bills, Sales Do! Are You Among The Businesses With Huge Followers & Likes But Not Making As Much As You Should?

Your Business Is No Longer What You Tell Your Customers It Is - It Is What The Customers Tell Each Other It Is

Social Media in the past few years has become one of the leading sources of news and information. People talk about everything, share with their friends and have the power to influence businesses right from their phones. Is your target audience aware of the existence of your business? How can you avoid the "blinking in the dark" syndrome whereby only you knows about the existence of your business? Yes you might be advertising but do you know that over 615 million devices blocking ads worldwide? What if you are not telling your target customers what they want to know?

Another Good News About The Social Media Marketing Business Is That You Don't Need A Huge Capital To Start

We have had some participants with a 9-5 day job that initially wanted to learn social media marketing to grow their side hustle & in the end it really paid off for them.

Do you also have a side hustle you want to push? Now imagine if just 10% of 500,000 people buy your product or service at a profit of just 1000 Naira? It is very possible because the population of Lagos alone is over 20 million & more than 20% of them are online! Do you have any idea how this will impact your business? Are you advertising online already & probably not getting some things right?

We Won't Just Be Revealing Secrets & Showing You How To Do Some Things, You Also Get To Have These Amazing Bonuses Valued At Over N500,000 for FREE

30 Days After Training Support

It doesn't end after the training day! We are there for you anytime to provide further mentorship & guidance where necessary. You also get to learn from other professionals

Certificates & Letter of Recommendation

Available on request for interested participants. We also recommend some of our attendees for internship & job positions at other firms when vacancies are avaialble

Over 100+ Layouts For E-commerce

Already have an e-commerce website or planning to set up one for your business/brands? These premium layouts can give your business that face-lift you've always wanted

50+ Premium Wordpress Themes

With over 60% of websites built on wordpress, these premium templates will make it easy for you to quickly build your landing pages & website with little or no coding required

Premium Industry Reports & Templates

These reports & templates help you start off your business on the right foot. Providing you with all you need to convince your first set of clients.

Discount Off Your Next Training

In the event where you are interested in taking other trainings by the academy, you also get an additional 30%-50% off your next class!

Marketing Database, Resources & Tools

Access to marketing database with over 150,000+ e-mails of online shoppers, over 50,000 phone numbers & tools to get you started

Free Social Media Audit & Analysis

Participants get a free social media audit and analysis for any one brand/digital assets managed or operated by the participant

Short Video of Testimonials From Previous Participants

We are not sugar-coating you unlike other training institutes! You heard what they said right? Now you see exactly why we have limited seats available - It's because we do not want the class over crowded again & yes the training modules have been reviewed plus you also get additional 30-Days after training support & mentorship! Time is ticking...

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We have seen weaker training bundles sell for much more as high as over N150,000 & Guess What? The industry value of this training package alone is over N300,000 plus the bonuses & give-aways that come with the training bundle worth over N500,000! You have absolutely nothing to loose but so much more to gain! Don't miss this amazing discount!

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Calculating the maths, selling a product at a profit of 1000 Naira to just 1% of 300,000 people which is less than 2% of the estimated population of Lagos alone can make you over 3Million Naira richer! Now multiply by 10!

The question is how can you achieve this & how long will it take you to make such high amount? We know this is also not so easy but with the right skills and knowledge & if you run your advertising campaigns correctly, nothing is stopping you! These are some of the things we shall also be revealing at the workshop

Invest In Your Business & Yourself. Learn The Right Digital Skills You Need To Grow Your Business Today!

After The Lunch Break On The Date Of Training, We Shall Also Cover The Modules Below:

Strategic Use of Social Media & Getting The Right Traffic To Your Business
Here we cover how to use social media strategically and getting traffic to your website. How to easily create viral videos, social media content planning, the do's & dont's and also exploring the top social networks amongst other topics. Depending on your brand/business, blogging might be real factor - How this affects social media is also contained as part pf the training package
Social Media Advertising & How To Run Successful Campaigns
While your business is probably online and things are going fine with the adverts & campaigns you run on Facebook, Instagram and other other social platforms, the bad news is that as at the end of 2016, there are over 615 million devices blocking ads worldwide with 62% (308 million) on mobile! Desktop ad blocker usage grew 17% year-on-year to 236 million! And guess what so much more has changed in the past few months. Wonder why your ads are probably not converting to clients now? All of that is covered here.
Social Media Automation, Management, Understanding The Right Tools & More
As your business grow and clients increase, the necessity to automate as many activities becomes really key to staying in business. Here we uncover all the tricks and tools you need for social media automation and management both for yourself and your clients

Who Exactly Is This Training For?

Although this is a diploma course and a masterclass session, this training is open to any one interested in using social media to grow their brand or business. Little or no coding knowledge is required and there are no prerequisites courses needed. Register today to learn how to really use social media to grow your business

Accreditations & Certifications By:

What Are You Still Waiting For?

You Are The Only One Stopping Yourself!

There is a famous quote that says - You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. Technology is moving really fast and it is not slowing down anytime soon. The digital space is growing at a very high speed, you are responsible for keeping up with the changes and keeping yourself educated and updated. Learning is one thing you never regret and another beautiful thing about learning new things is that it can never be taken away from you. Don't miss this upcoming masterclass...Your business will thank you! Guess why? Because the most dependable and consistent way to generate wealth is to turn advertising into profit. The world is advertising on social media now. Let us help you learn how to do it the right way.

OK I'm In! So where is the venue of the training & What If I Do Not Want To Pay Online, Can I Pay At The Venue?

The venue for the workshop is Webkraft Academy training facility situated at Ikoyi, Lagos - Nigeria. However to avoid an over crowded class like previous sessions, access to the facility is only based on reservations. We do not allow payment at the venue unless a prior reservation has been made so you might need to call us ahead just to confirm there are still available seats.

All payments are to be made via any of the payment links on this page or to the account details below.

Account Name: Webkraft IT Solutions Ltd
Account Type: Corporate Current Account
Account Number: 0044566107
Account Bank: Diamond Bank Plc

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Webkraft Academy
P.S. We understand you might be wondering why we are giving you so much for so little. Well, the sincere truth is that your success online, is our success too and here are some other interesting facts you might want to consider - By 2020 thereu2019ll be over a billion internet users in Africa, presenting an opportunity for African businesses and digital entrepreneurs. Sadly, social media marketing which is one of the digital skills that will be needed are still under-developed, making it harder for African economies to get the most out of the web and that is one of the reasons why we are making this packages really affordable. The main goal is to close this knowledge gap. The more businesses available online, the better we can all grow together. Because in the end, there is so much room for everyone to be successful at the same time.

P.S.S And No! We do not see you as a competition. We still have so much to achieve too and somehow you play a key role in our success. Remember, there is no one size fits all - You have your own uniqueness and what you will do with the knowledge from this workshop is entirely going to play its own unique role in growing your own business in your own unique way.

We are always going to be here for you and sincerely wish you all the best as you get started on this journey with us and other participants of our training - past, present and future. We want to see you win!

Frequently Asked Questions

Since it is 100% practical, can I join the class if I don't have a laptop & internet?
Yes you can! At the class we shall pair you with someone that has a laptop if all the spare laptops provided by the academy has been taken. For internet, free wifi will be provided at the venue for all participants.

Considering the duration of the training, will there be a break period & will lunch be provided?
Yes, there will be a break period where participants can stretch and network with other attendees. Lunch will also be provided to all participants of the workshop in addition to other goodies and bonuses.

Considering the topics of the training package, will all modules be covered?
With over 200+ participants trained, all modules of every workshop are always completed covered during our training sessions. Participants also get 30-days after training support in addition to after training mentorship and guidance. It doesn't end after the training & 30-days support either. In the event our support is needed at any time, please do not hesitate to reach out.

I know social media marketing is important but what other training does the academy has to offer
In addition to the social media marketing workshop, We also provide training on e-mail marketing, web design & development. e-commerce business masterclass, social media marketing & mobile app development. There is also a class on how to protect your ideas and intellectual property for entrepreneurs with unique ideas and inventions amongst other digital media & tech related courses

Is there option to request for private training for myself alone and maybe for a company?
Yes we do provide corporate training for organizations, interested individuals/professionals can also request for private/in-house training sessions. For more inquiries about this, please reach us via any of the numbers on this site or drop a quick message via the live chat feature available on this site.

I understand there is already a discount but if we are more than one can we get a group discount?
There are several different options available for group discounts consideration. However, there has to be at least 3 people for every interested group. The more the group members are, the bigger the discounts. Please reach us for further clarifications on this and how to claim your group discounts

This Workshop Starts Exactly 10:00am on January 13th - 2018

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