E-mail & Automation Set Up

Exploring the right solutions, softwares and tools required to achieve a 360 and result driven e-mail marketing campaigns with adequate resources & parameters required to achieve organizational key results

Integrations & Inbox Deliverability

Integration with major 3rd party APIs/platforms & advanced optimizations required to improve inbox deliverability, open-rates & general performance of email campaigns & other anticipated objectives

Analytics & Smart E-mail Campaigns

Tracking, reports, analytics and insights on performance of e-mail campaigns. Creating smart and intelligent e-mail marketing strategies & making data-based business/corporate sales related decisions

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E-mails will always continue to be one of the strongest methods for corporate communications and marketing. However considering the so much available spam tools, blockers and too much e-mail marketing contents your target audience are exposed to everyday, By putting in place the right tools and strategies, you can increase your e-mail open rates & inbox deliverability rates by implementing unique strategies focused on achieving your key organizational objectives.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to not only send high volumes of marketing e-mails but to also be fully grounded on creating and executing successful e-mail campaigns

This course is more of a knowledge transfer and revelation sessions with tested & proven learning methods, delivery structures and modules driven towards ensuring participants can be fully equipped, empowered and independent to operate, scale & grow through the resources & training contents we provide.

Also available is a customization option to fit your industry & help you achieve your target objectives

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Executive Plan

  • Suitable For Busy Professionals
  • Access To Online Course
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • After Training Support
  • Access To Training Resources
  • Mini-Project Support


  • All features of The Executive ++ Plan
  • Access To Attend Physical Workshop
  • Course Re-Structure For Custom Results
  • Dedicated Support & Mentorship
  • One-On-One Session With Facilitator
  • Custom Project For Business Goals

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