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The Future of Work & Education

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, robots could replace 800 million jobs by 2030, while the World Economic Forum suggests a “skills revolution” could open up a raft of new opportunities – Are You Prepared For The Future?

Webkraft Academy nurtures & empower entrepreneurs, youths & professionals with all the right digital skills needed to thrive in the tech space. The primary objective is to ensure youths & business owners are prepared for the next wave of what is required to create, nurture, generate sales & grow a business in a smart & intelligent digital world while contributing to their professional/business growth at the same time.

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Course Delivery Models

Online/Virtual Sessions

For self-paced learning, our online courses and virtual training options are perfect for both individuals & corporate organizations

Classroom/In-Person Training

Strategic partnerships guarantee conducive learning environment for classroom classes & private/in-person sessions

Team/Corporate Training

Need a custom curriculum tailored towards achieving your organizational goals? We have a perfect offer for your team

What To Expect

Why Many Business Owners & Professionals Choose Us

In addition to providing training and coaching sessions, we equally want to ensure our participants and clients have everything they need and will require to achieve all their desire objectives and success.

With a minimum of 10-15years of industry & practical experience and consistent research to ensure providing of updated resources, case-studies and solutions, all our training contents in addition to all behind the scene efforts have been created in detailed step by step frame-work to ensure an worthy & impact-ful knowledge transfer process towards ensuring participants ability to achieve and fulfil desired objectives after completion of every course/course module.

Regardless of the learning methods or stage of learning - beginner, intermediate or expert, below are some of the additional benefits & value to expect from some of our courses & training bundles.

  • High Quality & Updated Learning Resources
  • Robust Technology & Flexibility
  • After training/service support
  • Exclusive tools & getting started resources
  • 15+ Globally Recognized Certification Options Available
  • Completion of Course Related Mini-Project
  • 100% Practical & Easy To Follow Guides
  • Course customization for desired objectives
  • Membership & Access To Exclusive Inner Circle
  • and So Much More...
Capacity Building & Empowerment

Courses & Learning Resources

Can't decide which online course to choose? Take a look at some of our core area of expertisie. Click to browse popular courses.

E-commerce & Digital Asset Development Related Courses

Looking to acquire new skills, offer development services or build your own digital assets, Below are some of our courses/modules to help you achieve that

  • E-commerce Design & Development
  • Web Design & Landing Pages
  • Product Development & Management
Market Penetration, Business Expansion & Diaspora Selling

Looking to scale up & expand your business to reach a wider audience or sell to potential clients in other markets and countries? Below are some of our recommended courses

  • Diaspora Sales & Market Penetration
  • Product Marketing & Globalization
  • Market Analysis & Business Development

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Would you like to discuss your business objectives, propositions, partnership request, interested in a private session or reach out for any inquiries or other reasons best known to you?

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Our Core Focus & Mission

Transforming Digital Brands

Learn from any location in the world. Study at a time and place that suits your schedule. Achieve your key results & business objectives

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01. Capacity Building & Skills Acquisition

From corporate training to online courses and classroom session, Webkraft Academy provides skills acquisition and capacity building trainings fro corproate organizations, business owners and professionals

02. Entrepreneurship Empowerment & Mentorship

Our empowerment and mentorship programs helps business owners and entrepreneurs to grow and become better at achieving their key results and business objectives

03. Digital Sales, Automation & Market Penetration

Likes, engagement and digital marketing might contribute to having a positive impact on your brand/business but sales and revenue actually pays the bills and keeps the business running. With the option to explore customized sales training & resources, Webkraft Academy provides the best digital sales, automation & market penetration training regardless of industry or size of business.

Happy Clients

Feedback & Testimonials

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What We Offer For You

At Webkraft Academy, our joy is in creating successful businesses and helping business owners generate more revenue and sales through digital channels and platforms

As part of our effort to achieve these objectives, we provide capacity building and empowerment trainings towards achieving the right skills and practical knowledge on how business owners and corporate organizations can achieve more results and grow their businesses through digital channels and leveraging on our exclusive tools, strategies and coaching programs amongst other services and valuable benefits offered

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What We're Up To

Upcoming Training Workshops

Digital Sales & Selling Workshop

Don't get tied up with only marketing activities. Learn the right digital selling strategies to generate more revenues & close more sales/conversions online.

  • Identifying Your Target Audience
  • Setting Up Your Digital Sales Cycle
  • Scaling Up With Converting Digital Ads
E-commerce Business Workshop

Learn how to start your own e-commerce business. Have your own online store with payment integration and your grow your business faster.

  • Develop Your Own E-commerce Website
  • Payment Integration & Operations
  • Digital Selling & E-commerce Ads
Knowledge Monetization Workshop

Ever thought of organizing your own workshops, creating your own course or generating extra revenue from your knowledge? This training contains a practical walk-through

  • Structuring Your Key Assets
  • Setting Up & Getting Started
  • Sales & Getting Paid Attendees

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